7 Amazing Instagram Tools and Apps

Let’s admit it, Instagram is one of our favorite apps of all times. It’s beautiful, kind and simple. However, its almost too simple interface makes us want some functions that are available on other social networks. We prepared a list of apps and services that will bring your Instagram experience to the new level. Add quotes to your pictures, repost other people’s photos and videos, browse Instagram from the web, and more! At the end of the day, don’t let your shots get lost – print them out in a beautiful photo book and cherish the sweet memories forever!

Browse Instagram from the web

Although Instagram allows you to go through your feed, edit your profile or check your posts through your Mac or PC, such tools as Iconosquare, Websta or Gramfeed give you full and complete access to your Instagram from the computer. These tools allow you to view all shared images, as well as their likes and comments, and search for pictures using hashtags or keywords. Moreover, if you use Instagram for business, Iconosquare and Websta allow you to analyze your activity through professional statistics and manage your community. Websta also lets you group Instagram posts into boards and share your friends’ posts.

Instagram Tools and Apps


Schedule your posts

Let’s say, you have this terrific shot to share but just not right now. Because everything is good in its season, right? Latergramme lets you schedule your posts, both from the app and desktop. All you need to do is to upload the picture you want to share and set the time. If you want, you can add captions, hashtags and locations. When the time comes, you will get a push notification to your smartphone – and with a couple of taps your scheduled image will be posted. Latergramme is exceptionally convenient for businesses – it gives you full, 24/7 control of your appearance of Instagram.

Instagram Tools and Apps


Print your Instagram

There are quite a lot of ways to print your Instagram pictures out – from single square prints to photo books; from magnets and coasters to t-shirts and phone cases. Depending on your preferences, you can print your Instagram feed on almost any surface. PastBook allows you to sort your Instagram pictures by hashtag and time range, so that you can easily find the shots you want to get printed. Apart from just printing your pictures, PastBook also has a feature that allows you to review any of your years on Instagram and relive them in a digital photo book that can be printed and delivered to your doorstep in no time. Available on the web and iOs.

Instagram Tools and Apps


Film professional time-lapse videos

Instagram’s app Hyperlapse allows you to create awesome time lapse videos out of your longer films. Hyperlapse stabilizes and smoothes your footage out, giving it a truly cinematic quality. Basically, if you have a long video of a sunset, or if you were filming the scenery from a moving car, Hyperlapse will help you turn your footage into a fun, high-quality 10-seconds video – something that in the past was possible to achieve only with expensive heavy equipment.

Instagram Tools and Apps


Taste your Instagram feed

Several companies can bring your pictures to the most attractive form – tasty treats! Boomf prints your photos on square marshmallows, one and one half inch big. Cocoagraph turns your Instagram feed into delicious chocolate squares, and This Chick Bakes offers to print your memories on so-called “Instagraham cookies”. This can be a great gift for your loved ones or a sweet treat for yourself.

Instagram Tools and Apps


Re-post Instagram photos and videos

There are several ways to share other people’s posts. First of all, you can get a Repost app (for iOS and Android) – it allows you to share anyone’s photo or video with just one tap. Besides, you can use web clients, like Iconosquare or Websta to view Instagram while on a browser. Find the picture you want to repost, click the button “send me by email” –  and get the preview of the photo in your inbox.

Instagram Tools and Apps


Add quotes to your Instagram images

Such apps as InstaquoteWordSwag or PicLab offer a variety of templates and font choices to write on your photos. These apps also allow you to add stickers, apply filters and photo effects, and basically turn otherwise dull shots into real artwork. You can easily share the pictures via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or print them out as leaflets and flyers.

Instagram Tools and Apps

Instagram tools and apps listed above are designed to make your feed stand out. In order to preserve your masterpieces forever, we encourage you to take your Instagram images from instant to permanent – and turn them into a beautiful photo book full of the bright moments and precious memories. Add pictures from Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa, your computer or phone library and showcase them all in a beautiful PastBook. Create your Instagram photo book now!


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