5 Young Photographers to Keep Your Eye On

young photographers

Instagram is a unique platform for photographers. They can share their works, follow other photographers, and get feedback and inspiration from their followers. The number of followers is a determining fact in order to become a distinguished Instagrammer, but, there are also countless talents with astonishing photos. They don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers, but each of them has a different style with very cool photos. Among them, there are inspiring bloggers who write about travel and lifestyle. At PastBook, we believe in talent. Keep your eye on these talented and promising photographers who will shine bright like a star soon!

1. Dmitry Barsov

Dmitry Barsov is from St. Petersburg, Russia. He is a photographer and a frequent traveler who mainly takes shots in India and Russia but also has many sceneries in Sweden, Turkey, and Germany and many other countries. He focuses on the color red a lot in his shots in India. Also, he likes to take photos of people while he is traveling and exploring the new cultures around the world. You can follow him on Instagram: @dmitrybarsov


2. Ezgi Çoban

I can’t stand still!” This is how she named her Instagram account and her blog in Turkish, and exactly defines her style! Ezgi Çoban is a travel photographer and a blogger who combines stunning views around the world with the local cultures. She is from Istanbul, Turkey and shares very unique photos from Istanbul, spots you’ve never seen before. As a newbie, she already proved herself with a few but gorgeous shots and there is more to come! Stay tuned on her Instagram: @yerimdeduramiyorum, and on her blog.


3. Scott Turn

Scott Turn is a very independent photographer who is not following any style but shooting and sharing whatever he finds interesting. He likes to capture the sea and has many travel photos, but, all of a sudden, you can find a photo of a very interesting piece of art on his account. You can follow him on Instagram: @stturn


4. Because We Camp

This time here is a couple who are in love with photography and filmmaking! Because We Camp is founded by Lynn & Noah Camp, a married couple from Seattle. As adventurers, Because We Camp has a rebel style combined with travel photography. They sold out their stuff and quit their jobs in order to live the life they wanted while sharing their story and experiences on the road! You can follow their story: @becausewecamp


5. Capucine Fachot

Capucine Fachot is a French writer and photographer who resides in Istanbul. Capucine combines storytelling with photography. Once you see her photos, you can use your imagination and understand what she wants to describe. Some of her photos are quite artistic, and others stand as a part of her travel diary. Curious to see? Here you can follow her on Instagram: @capucinefachot


Each day talented photographers and bloggers join Instagram. The number of followers may determine how popular and successful Instagrammers are, but there are so many newcomers on Instagram who share magnificent photos and heartwarming blog posts with their audience. If you are into photography, you can follow these 5 young photographers on Instagram in order to get some inspiration. You can also have tips about traveling around the world by reading their blogs. We are sure that you spent a wonderful year creating precious memories while traveling around and spending quality time with your loved ones. Now it’s time to look back at 2016 collect all those beautiful moments into a gorgeous photo book! With only one click, you can create a special keepsake and share it with your friends and family’

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