5 Tips to Shop Smart on Black Friday


Anyone who enjoys shopping was waiting for this period! We are reaching the end of November, soon the Holiday shopping period will start with Black Friday! This year, Black Friday is on November 25, so few days left to shop like crazy for yourself, and most importantly, for your loved ones! You can also find nice offers to buy Holiday gifts before Christmas. PastBook will offer great deals as always! We’ll announce it soon, so stay tuned! In order to enjoy Holiday shopping in the best and smartest way, we prepared 5 tips for you to shop smart on Black Friday! These tips will help you to spend less money and time during the Black Friday madness:

1. Research deals and plan ahead.

Many retailers offer their best deals several days before Black Friday. Do a detailed research about these deals, and think about which goodies you want to purchase. Making a list of these items is a time-saving idea, and you can also set yourself a realistic budget. Downloading shopping apps is a very smart thing to do in order to follow and to compare offers and prices for the same product, but from different stores.

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2. Sign up for newsletters.

We know that receiving many newsletters are annoying these days. But, many retailers use newsletters to inform their customers about great deals days before Black Friday. While doing your research and planning what to buy, don’t forget to sign up for newsletters. Note them down and add to your plan so that you don’t miss the opportunity to save more money.

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3. Look out for hidden costs.

Besides mouth watering deals, some retailers may come with their illusionary discounts as well. Always be careful about these kind of announcements that has misleading discount claims. One thing you can do is that you can check several online and offline platforms to see the price of the same product.

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4. Look for extra discounts.

As we mentioned before, retailers and sellers begin to offer their best deals days before Black Friday. They also sometimes offer last minute deals. Even though you plan and organize your shopping strategy beforehand, keep your eyes open for these last minute deals, double check online platforms.

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5. Shop Online.

Hours before the shopping time starts, people will gather and wait on the lines for hours. If you don’t want to get lost and to rushed off to the stores with the crazy crowd, you can choose to shop online with your favourite coffee, warm and cozy! In our highly digitalized world, you can now find any kind of great deals that enable you to easily compare and to buy products online, even easier than offline.

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