5 Fun Things to do with your Best Friend This Weekend


It’s almost Facebook Friends Day! We share, we laugh, we cry and we enjoy the life together. Friendship is so precious! Tomorrow is Friday, are you trying to find nice ideas to spend this weekend with your best friend? Approaching to the month of friendship, we prepared a list of 5 fun things to do with your best friend this weekend for you to celebrate your friendship!

1. Going to the Movies.

Especially during these cold days of winter, going to the movies is the perfect idea to enjoy the time with besties. You can find a nice cinema in town and decide for a movie that suits you and your friend’s taste both. Also, don’t forget to enjoy delicious snacks while watching the movie. You can try sweet popcorns as a new trend, or go for the classic salty ones. Yummy!

2. Relaxing at SPA.

Tired of the routine at work? Need a break to relax your body and soul? Well, we have a warm and fresh tip for you: SPA! You can decide for a nice SPA package and let your best friend join you as well. Have a massage, stay for a while in the saunaand drink antioxidant drinks to refresh yourself.

3. Going for Shopping.

Well, it’s a very common tip – shopping is fun! But shopping with friends is awesome! If you are also one the people who get bored shopping alone, ask your best friend to join you this weekend. A small tip: try to go to the shops as earlier as possible, many shops gets crowded during the weekend and it may drive you crazy before you try your clothes and enjoy the day.

4. Partying Out.

If you want to dance and meet more friends, you and your best friend can decide for a nice party, preferably on Friday or Saturday night. Wear your chic dresses, do some nice make-up, and enjoy your night! A perfect combination for this weekend can be partying out on Friday and detoxing and relaxing on Saturday with SPA. Isn’t it an exciting idea?

5. Friendship Book.

We share many moments with our friends. You might be uploading many of your photos on your socials, but how many of them you remember and look back at? It’s always special to have a separate and hardbound keepsake to celebrate your friendship and to make your best friend happy! With Facebook friend photo book, you can turn your friendship memories into a beautiful photo book, and relive your cheerful moments with your best friend!

Every friendship needs to be celebrated. In order to spend quality time with friends, there are plenty of things to do when you create time for them. You can also choose one of our 5 fun ideas to spend this weekend in a great way with your best friend. You can find a nice movie to watch together at the cinema, or prefer to relax with a nice day at your SPA. If you want to spend a vibrant weekend instead, you can then choose to go for shopping or partying out crazy together. Also, if you also feel that your friendship deserves the best, try to collect your memories that are scattered around social media. Sit together and pick the sweetest photos you had together so that you relive and remember all those great moments you and your best friend shared!

Create your book now!

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