5 Apps to make your Christmas Holiday photos stand out

It’s Christmas time soon! Either you could be travelling abroad with friends or your partner, or you’re spending your vacation in an old-school style surrounded by your parents, siblings and every kind of family tie! You will no doubt find yourself capturing photos in the speed of the light!

At PastBook, we love taking photos and we embrace the common adage that “it really doesn’t matter what kind of camera phone you have, as long as you have it with you.” For this reason we selected some of our favourite photo apps that can add a little bit of playfulness to your Christmas pictures.


Awesome Miniature – Tilt Shift (Android free)

Awesome Miniature is an android app, specially designed to make your photos appear like miniatures. Don’t get disappointed in case you don’t get the expected result once you’ve tried it with your favourite selfie! Take your time; try it with different photos so that you can understand with which type of photos the app works better. Tilt-shift photography techniques give great results in the case of landscape photos taken from a point which is higher than the object being photographed. Start by blurring a specific area and continue by adjusting the saturation, brightness and contrast.


LINE Camera (iPhone, Android free)

LINE Camera is an app with an extremely smooth interface that allows you to add text to your photos and also select amongst a great variety of filters, icons and stamps. Once you’ve created your picture you are able to share it automatically on Instagram. Easy-to-use, LINE Camera provides 100 font styles and 20 colours, placing this app at the top of our favourite typography apps.

Screenshot_2013-12-16-15-47-23 (1)                 Screenshot_2013-12-16-15-44-53


Molome (iPhone, Android free)

Molome is the Instagram for making your photos funnier. This app allows you to add large-scale emoticons and stickers on your photos by simply drag and drop, making it the ideal app to create funny memes with your pictures and share them instantly.

Screenshot_2013-12-16-16-15-35         IMG_20131216_161950


Lomo Camera (Android free)

If you are using Instagram, probably fisheye is one of the features you wish the interface had. Lomo Camera app allows you to create stunning fisheye photos in square or other format, either by processing photos you have already saved at your phone’s gallery or those you capture on the go, and post them straight on your Instagram account. You can choose from 10 different types of cameras, each one of which has 12 unique effects to turn your phone into a professional camera.



Snapseed (iPhone, Android free)

If you are looking for a high-end photo editor app to download –whether you are an Android or an Apple user- Snapseed is one that offers you a crazy variety of filters and effects. You have full control of the interface by simply swiping up and down or right and left in order to adjust the selected enhancement. Upload your picture and make it look as old as your grandmother’s photos!

Screenshot_2013-12-16-16-35-04             gerg



Tip of the day

If you think it’s more fun whenever your friends are involved in the process of sharing photos, then the PastBook Collaborative Photo Book will make the experience of sharing photos with them even more fun.

The web-based platform allows you to invite an unlimited number of friends via email or your social networks, to add pictures from their social networks or any computer file on the album you’ve created under the topic of your choice.

Wait! In the end your photos will be collected in a tastefully designed photo book that you can browse either online on one platform or in a professionally printed book. It’s the “Project X” for your photos!


The fun starts here!

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