14 Wedding Trends for 2017 That Is Not Too Late for


Love is in the air, birds are singing and wedding season is in full swing! Who doesn’t like that sweet, romantic atmosphere of a beautiful wedding?

If you’re getting ready for your wedding or one of your dear friends, discover the latest trends how to make the upcoming wedding extra charming. Maybe some of the ideas catch your attention so much you will be recommending them to all the newly engaged couples.



Wedding Trend #1: Metallic Details

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Whether you fit in the metallic accent with cutlery, bridemaids’ dresses, or table decoration, you can be sure your wedding will be a 100% shiny success.


Wedding Trend #2: Untypical Venue

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How to make your wedding memorable at one glance? Obviously, the choice of your wedding venue! A farm barn, an old castle, or the heart of the forest – everything is possible. And the bonus is, such an option is usually cheaper than a fancy hotel.


Wedding Trend #3: New Ceremony Blend

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Why to follow a rigid protocol of the weddings when you can experiment and switch any tradition around? Try something new and see how everyone welcomes your refreshed approach.


Wedding Trend #4: Original Games & Ice Breakers 

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There are so many uncommon ways to entertain your wedding guests other than “The Shoe Game”. What about playing around with games such as a giant jenga, darts, or best date recommendations?


Wedding Trend #5: Green Is the New Black

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If you’re not sure, go green. Especially with flowers. Decorate everything with these living beauties.


Wedding Trend #6: Grand Getaways

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When leaving your wedding after party, make sure you’ve got a grand getaway to make your guests envy. Now, the vehicles like boat or helicopters are heavily trending.


Wedding Trend #7: Furry Companions

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Not only doves, dogs, or cats, but even llamas, horses, or swans are making a list in desired wedding furry companions.


Wedding Trend #8: Food Magic

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Wedding food should be anything but boring! From original desserts to surprise midnight snacks, food trends have reached the eager wedding planners. It’s time to brace yourself and enjoy unexpectedly delicious wedding menus. Enjoy!


Wedding Trend #9: Party Portraits

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How awesome would it be to have an original art piece of your first dance? There are many artist you can either invite to paint the wedding picture on the spot or make one based on a photo or video. Indeed, such a beautiful keepsake is priceless.


Wedding Trend #10: Surprise Entrances

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First impression always matters, including weddings. To charm your lovely guests, make sure the entrance to your wedding looks unforgettable.


Wedding Trend #11: Vertical Decoration

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One of the hottest wedding trends this season is vertical decoration. Experiment with flowers or paper, there are lots of DIY ideas for this occasion.


Wedding Trend #12: Tech Sparkle

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Show everyone how the very best weddings are organized in the 21st century with latest tech gadgets and innovation.


Wedding Trend #13: Charitable Donation

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Share your happiness and love with less fortunate and encourage your guests to do the same. Everybody wins!


Wedding Trend #14: Unique Hashtag

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Come up with a unique hashtag for your special day to keep all the beautiful pictures of all your guests in one place. Truly, your wedding deserves it. And what’s more, you can use this smart feature to create a beautiful PastBook photo book with this hashtag in one click.

Indeed, weddings are the perfect opportunity to dream up a beautiful photo keepsake to remember these memories forever. Check out how easy it is to create a stunning wedding photo album. 


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