12 Best Things about Summer



Today’s the official first day of summer! And that’s the perfect reason to celebrate this marvelous season by sharing the very best things about this time of the year.

Let’s be honest, who didn’t look forward to the fabulous amount of sunshine? We all need this tropical wave of happiness, at least once a year. So let’s dive into the top 12 best things about summer we cannot wait for!

#1 Super Long Days


Sunset at 10pm? Not a problem. Sunrise at 6am? Bring it on. Summer is the ideal season to undust your New Year’s  resolution and try one more time with the weather on your side.

Are you thinking about going running in the morning? Or working on your sidekick after work? This is your best chance to push yourself and make it happen.

#2 Summer Thunderstorms


Who wouldn’t look forward to the fresh and uplifting air after a tremendous heat wave? Summer thunderstorms just clear the heavy air like a charm, nothing can compare to them!

#3 Ice Cream


I bet there is no explanation needed. Simply, hot weather is at your disposal as a perfect excuse for buying yet another ice cream.

#4 Patios with Cozy Lights


Sitting at the patio with cozy lights is just so romantic! And when you add a beach and sea in the equation, you’ll be able to rediscover the transcending beauty of the unforgettable life moments.

#5 Outdoor Everything


From festivals to concerts, sports or BBQs, summer weather calls for any outdoor activity you can find to enjoy in this season. Frankly, who would like to spend the precious time inside when the blazing sun shines all day long?

#6 Fresh Fruit and Veggies


With the beautiful weather in this season, fruit and vegetable suddenly become more delicious. No wonder, it’s the tasty freshness that this wonderful season brings!

#7 Travel


When summer kicks in, the classical travel time begins. As most of the world is blessed by a great weather, your vacation has a potential to be flawless anywhere you go.

#8 Napping in a Hammock


When the temperatures hit high, a comfy hammock beneath the trees represents the ideal place of refuge. Besides, there is no better way to bring the word ‘chill’ to the next level.

#9 Beach + Sea = Happiness


When talking about summer, one cannot not mention the beach and sea with this peculiar word. Summer, beach, and sea are like three sisters with happiness on their side.

#11 Camping & Bonfire


There are so many magnificent national parks to visit! And the perfect way to discover the beauty of these hidden jewels is to go camping. Yes, right in the middle of the mother nature! With the bonfire in the evening, this is one of the best holiday options for the season.

#12 Cocktails and Drinks with Umbrellas


Let’s chill and relax, summer’s here. And what will enhance the mood better than a colourful drink with an umbrella on the top?

Summer is here and we couldn’t be happier! Capture unforgettable memories during this incredible time of the year! And don’t forget to preserve summer 2017 in a beautiful photo book. It’s so easy! Don’t believe us? Try it now.

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