11 Incredibly Fun Yearbook Ideas


The end of the academic year is approaching, how about creating a unique yearbook with all the school memories? Preschool, elementary school, junior high, high school, college or university – no matter where you are right now, it’s time to print out a yearbook photo book! Forget about wasting time on collecting and organizing photos – we will do that for you! Invite your classmates, teachers and parents to participate in putting the school yearbook together – you will be amazed how easy it is!

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The world of yearbooks is changing: students don’t want regular portraits on a dull background anymore. Everyone is looking for more interactive, creative and fun photo books of school memories. We collected 11 best yearbook ideas – for you, your kids or friends!

Elementary and pre-school yearbooks

Your little one is coming through a big milestone – another school year behind, so much has happened in the past 12 months! New friends, new teachers, new exciting things they have learned! Instead of making a standard-looking yearbook with uniform portraits, think of the ways how to make the photo book special.

Half self-portraits

Take photos of the kids, cut them in half, glue them to an A4 sheets of paper and ask the kids to complete the second half themselves by drawing the “mirror image”. Read more about half self-portraits here »

Not only it’s a real fun thing to try, those photos will also make an amazing yearbook! Scan the half self-portraits and add them to a PastBook photo book; add the names of the kids or their personal quotes to make the yearbook even more original.

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Photos used in the book: Hanna’s art club

Thought bubbles

Make photos of children against a blackboard with a thought bubble drawn on it (or Photoshop it later). Ask kids to write anything they want in the thought bubbles – their hobbies, dreams, and aspirations.

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Photos used in the book: Ed snapshots

Go beyond portraits

School is not only about the time they spend in classrooms, the year was also full of trips, sports events, and different celebrations. A yearbook doesn’t need to consist just of portraits – include photos from all the fun activities your kid experienced throughout the year.

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Photos used in the book: p-6farmsfpionline

Middle and High School Yearbooks

That’s the time when students can make their own decisions about how their yearbooks should look like. Gone are the days when we all pose in front of generic backgrounds or line up in three rows in order to fit a group picture. Take over the yearbook planning and make sure that the photos look stunning!

Define yourselves

Ditch boring yearbooks – hire a professional photographer (or ask a friend who wants to become one and needs some practice) and make creative pictures! For instance, make photos where each student portrays his or her passion, hobby or field of interest.

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Photos used in the book: jaredplattpamelagreermorelandphoto

Leave some space for creativity

When making a photo book, pick the white background and give the preference to the landscape-oriented photographs. In this way, there will be some space left above and below the photos – you can write funny captions or comments with permanent markers to make sure that memories never fade away.

yearbook ideas

Photos used in the book: morelandphoto

Sign the pictures

With the basic photoshop skills, you can place 3 portrait pictures on a white background leaving space for students’ signatures. Don’t want to do it yourself? Our Elite designers are happy to do the work for you! After printing the book, ask your friends to write something personal next to their pictures.

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Photos used in the book: morelandphoto


It would be only fair (and very fun too) if the whole class participates in creating a yearbook. Just create a PastBook photo book and send its link to your friends – they will be able to add their pictures with captions. This way your yearbook will be informal and no one will be left out!

yearbook ideas

Photos used in the book: Jeff Peterson

Import pictures from a Facebook group

The fastest and easiest way to collect photos from multiple people is to create a Facebook group where everyone can upload their photos – maybe you already have one dedicated to your class? Easily import all the pictures from your Facebook group directly into your yearbook! Try it now or check step-by-step instructions on how to create a Facebook Group Photo Book »

Screenshot 2016-04-25 18.23.51

Support the team

Are you a part of a basketball team or a cheerleading squad? Praise your teammates in a marvelous photo book filled with the pictures of your glorious victories and performances! Invite your friends to add their pictures by sharing the photo book’s link with them or create a Facebook group dedicated to your team. Use your squad’s colors as a background of your photo book.

team photo book

Photos used in the book: Jeff Peterson

Senior Thought Bubbles

The trick with the thought bubbles on the blackboard can work with the seniors too. Think about what you want to do when you graduate and ask your friends from the art class to help you out with the sketches.

yearbook ideas

Photos used in the book: Hosting Pics

Congrats to the grads

The graduation ceremony – one of the most important events in each student’s life, definitely has to be commemorated. Again, think out of the box to avoid regular dull photos. Use props, signs, and try interesting angles in order to liven up your photos. When creating a photo book, ask your friends to contribute by adding their own pictures.

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Photos used in the book: Backdrop Express

It’s time to rethink yearbooks: the age of modern, attractive and fun photo books is here! Never be intimidated that a yearbook can be a difficult project to complete – with PastBook it will take just a couple of minutes. 

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