10 Tips for Photographing Children’s Parties

We know that photographing your children while trying to run the party, prevent accidents and maintain your sanity is a difficult thing.
That is why we have scoured the internet to bring you our Top 10 Tips to help you out!
Here are our secrets to successfully capture your child’s party memories so that they -and you- can relive the moments afterwards!


Planning the Shoot

1. Prepare and set the scene for your key moments

Make a list of moments you want to capture; the blowing of the candles, opening of presents, party games, etc. Where do you want these to occur? How do you want these areas to look? Where will guests be sitting, and where will you be taking photos? Considering these questions early on can help you plan and best achieve the shots you desire.

2. Capture the party details

Taking photos of the party details will help tell the story and set the context, not to mention capture evidence of all your hard preparation work! You may like to shoot close-ups of the decorations, the food, the cake, the presents, even the invitations and cards. A good tip is to photograph these before the guests (and the commotion) arrive, it will never look quite the same!

3. Include various angles and types of shots

Create a mix of wide angle overall shots contrasted with close-up shots which fill the frame, to really capture the action and invite viewers to feel a part of the experience. Try standing on a (stable and safe) chair for an alternative view. Make use of the panorama feature on your camera if you have one, or try advanced lens effects like the fish-eye or tilt-shift if you feel adventurous. By the way, angling your camera is not a sin – be creative!


Working with Children

4. Take time to allow children to feel comfortable around you

It is not easy to be natural when there is a big camera lens in your face… children might be scared, shy or distracted. Take some time to show kids what you are doing, let them look through the lens/screen and show them photos you’ve already taken. Ask some questions, tell some stories, play some games and you’ll be buddies in no time!

5. Get down to their level for a ‘Kids-Eye perspective’

To make yourself even less scary, crouch down to their level – a very simple but often forgotten move! Taking photos from this level provides a ‘kids-eye perspective’ of the party, making them appear natural and comfortable in the photos.

6. Capture real smiles and genuine emotions

Posing while saying ‘cheese’ does not lead to natural smiles or good photos. Try engaging with kids by making them laugh with funny faces, silly noises (‘blowing raspberries’ is a winner!), and playing games like touching your nose with your tongue or crossing your eyes. You can take photos of both the funny faces and the real laughter that follows!


Technical Tips

7. Find the light

Especially important if you are using a phone camera is to ensure there is plenty of light, preferably from natural sources. Position the group near a window or place lamps around the activity area to enable clear crisp photos. Use flash as a last resort, as it can ‘wash out’ colour.

8. Still and steady focus

With so much activity around you, it is tricky to keep a steady hand to take crisp photos. Use a small tripod or create a makeshift one out of a nearby prop, and make sure the stabilizer mode is switched on if your camera has one. Select the focal point to keep your desired subject sharp whether it is in the foreground or the background, allowing you to play with the composition with ease.

9. Use continuous shooting mode or ‘burst’ mode

If your camera has this feature available, use it to photograph a sequence like blowing out the candles or unwrapping a present. Again, this helps to tell the story, and you have more chances of capturing that perfect moment.


What’s the 10th tip you ask? Well isn’t it obvious? :)

10. Create a PastBook album with your photos!

Congratulations, you have survived your kid’s party, you remembered all our tips and now you have a magnificent collection of party photos. You may have already uploaded to Instagram or Facebook as you were shooting to share with your friends, and gotten heaps of likes and comments. Now it’s time to log in to PastBook, select a timeframe or album, and in a few clicks your album is ready for download, sharing and printing.

So easy, it’s……. child’s play!

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