10 Things To Do on Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend traditionally closes up the summer, rewarding us with a long weekend and an opportunity to say goodbyes to warm weather, carefree life and spontaneous adventures. Are you ready?

Have you ever wondered about the paradox of Labor Day? We celebrate labor by skipping work: way to go, huh? But it actually makes sense. Labor Day originates from the labor union movement, specifically from the “eight-hour day” movement. People went on the streets to demand an eight-hour working day, which leaves 8 hours for recreation and 8 hours for rest. Let’s say, this weekend we don’t celebrate just labor and all the workers around, we celebrate the right to have recreation and rest. So let’s live it up! If you don’t have plans for the long weekend yet, we prepared some ideas for you!

1. Eat fresh!

September is not only about going back to school, it’s also about harvesting! This time of the year food is full of vitamins, would be a shame not to take advantage of it! Support the local economy by going to a nearby farmer’s market and stock up on fresh healthy food. By buying organic food, you also help fight global warming, since locally produced food doesn’t have carbon emissions required to truck it across the continent.


2. Throw a picnic

The easiest and the safest way to say adieu to the summer is to have a good old cookout. Think of a cool concept (it can be a theme, like fairy tale picnic or only-orange-food picnic), prepare some decorations and food (check  post on how to make a picnic delightful), invite friends and family, and have a blast! Don’t forget to apply sunscreen: September sun can be quite aggressive!

apple story by Olga  Golubew on
Olga Golubew

3. Hit the road!

Jump into the car and hit the highway – more and more people prefer to get away for the weekend to discover new destinations or spend a quality time with friends and families at places they’ve been going to for years. Go to San Francisco to visit Exploratorium – an interactive museum for kids and adults – if you have ever wondered how the world works. For the museum-goers, we can recommend Los Angeles with its Museum of Contemporary Art and Guinness World Records Museum. Are you more into night life? Las Vegas offers all sorts of of entertainments and fun activities! Visit Denver for spectacular nature and well-organized hiking activities, or San Diego – for spectacular beaches and parks.

Uniendo los puntos by Andrés Nieto Porras on
Andrés Nieto Porras


4. Burn it

Once a year, thousands of creative people from all over the world come to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create a “network of dreamers and doers”, a community dedicated to art, self-expression, and self-reliance. Burning Man is an annual festival that lasts for a week and attracts people from six continents to spend time of their life and stock up on emotions for the rest of the year. Are you attending Burning Man? Don’t forget to apply a hashtag #BurningMan2015 #BurningManUSA or any other, applicable to the festival, in order to collect all the photos from this event in a photo book – to keep the memories forever. Learn how to create a photo book, filtering the Instagram photos by hashtag.

The Chick by Mike Orso on
Mike Orso


5. Attend a Labor Day concert

A bunch of concerts, festivals and carnivals are organized in almost every city during the Labor Day weekend. Food festivals and philharmonic orchestras; theatre performances and outdoor concerts; parades and festivals – even the most exquisite tastes will be satisfied this weekend! Check the Labor Day weekend agenda of your city and pick the entertainment of your choice!

West Indian Labor Day Parade 2011

6. Go out

Spend the weekend outside, enjoy the last warm days before the academic year kicks in. Engage into the outdoor activities: attend a sporting event, gather some people to play a game yourself; make a kite and fly it, ride a bike, go to the beach, pitch a tent in your yard and spend the night there; go for a long walk around the city or plan a scavenger hunt, explore new places; go for a horseback ride, attend a local zoo or an animal farm – breath the last bits of the summer air – there is not much of it left! A nice idea would be to take a camera and capture the brightest moments for a “Labor Day weekend” photo book!

Sunset In Silence by Zach Kohl on
Zach Kohl


7. Stay in

Are you more of an indoor person? Don’t force yourself and stay at home! Together with friends and family, organize a themed movie night: make a goal (for instance, watch all the Batman movies from the first one, directed by Leslie H. Martinson in 1966 till the one form 2013 by Jay Oliva. Decide in advance whether the Justice League movies should be included in the challenge or not) and try to complete it in a weekend. Or host a game night – a great way to bond with family before the school year! Stick to tested and proven games or create your new one! Get inspired by the BuzzFeed’s post by  about the great games that don’t require any additional equipment.

High angle view of women sitting on floor with confetti after party by Gable Denims on
Gable Denims


8. Chardonnay this weekend

The wine harvest season starts mid-August for most wineries in North America: now is the most suitable time to attend a local winery! Feel like a sophisticated connoisseur, exploring the science of smelling and tasting this exquisite beverage. Most wineries usually offer tours that guide you through the process of wine-making and even teach you the basics of wine-tasting. Moreover, many wineries host special events, musical performances and offer seasonal discounts.

Wine Tasting by Mike Mager on
Mike Mager

9. Get into the water!

If it’s still hot outside when the Labor Day arrives, cool off near the water! Spend a day in aqua park, go kayaking or canoeing to a nearby lake, try water sports on a beach, visit Niagara Falls or arrange a water ballon fight in your backyard! Always watch your kids around water and watch out yourself: extra safety measures are never abundant.


10. Make the summer last forever

Summer is always the time to experience new things and challenge yourself, exploring the new limits. Did you have a summer bucket list? Are there still boxes on it that you haven’t ticked yet? Have you been to an amusement park? Have you eaten enough ice creams and hot-dogs? Have you made new friends? There is still time to do those things before the summer ends! Do something you have never done before: try bungee jumping, send a message in a bottle, win a prize at the fair. And don’t forget that the best things in the world are not things. Collect the memories, make them tangible and revive all the cherished moments in a beautiful photo book!


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