10 Incredibly Cool Ways to Use a Smartphone

According to Pew Research Center’s report, 64% of American adults owe a smartphone. 10% of those who have a smartphone don’t have any other high-speed Internet access at home, which means that their phone is the only way to go online. Another 15% also claimed that they rarely use devices other than their phones to browse the Internet. Nowadays you can do almost everything with the help of smartphones: from starting a car to staging a karaoke party, from measuring a heart rate to reliving your cherished memories in a photo book. We prepared a list of not-so-common ways to use a smartphone. If you haven’t tried them yet, now is the time!

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1. Stage a Karaoke party

A dinner with friends has escalated and people want to sing? No problem, with the help of Karafun, you can pull a karaoke party out of your pocket. 21,000 songs across a variety of genres – to satisfy the taste of even the most sophisticated Karaoke addict. As music plays, the song’s lyrics are displayed on your phone screen. You can also download this app on your computer, with a bigger screen, so that everyone can gather around and rock it on.


2. Control a TV

TV remotes have this habit of disappearing, and we spend hours searching, wishing we could just call them, so they buzz and reveal themselves? Finally, we can do it: smartphones with an infrared port allow you to control your TV. All you need to do is to get an app (there are plenty of them, pick one that appeals to you most) and type in the manufacturer of your TV – now your phone is functioning exactly like a remote would.

control tv
Samsung Galaxy S5


3. Use your phone as a mouse and keyboard

Mobile Mouse Pro allows you to instantly transform your mobile device into a motion-based mouse, trackpad, and wireless remote for your Mac or PC. This app has a built-in accelerometer that translates your hand motions into mouse movements on your screen. You can also use your phone’s screen as a remote keyboard to type in text. Surf the web, browse your photo library or control your music player – with a tap of your finger!

Mobile Mouse Remote


4. Use your smartphone as a surveillance camera

Turn your smartphone into a full home camera security system with Salient Eye. The app uses your phone’s camera to sense motions and notifies you if it detects an intruder, via SMS or email. Salient Eye captures photos of burglars that move in front of your phone camera and instantly sends them to you. Once enough evidence is collected, the phone will also sound a noisy alarm.



5. Mail a postcard

Send postcards to those who wait for you at home without the hassle of buying stamps and looking for the post office. Snap a shot with Instagram and use Postagram app to mail a genuine paper postcard to your friends and family.



6. Scan Barcodes and find the best deals

Barcode Scanner allows you to scan any product QR Code or barcode and quickly find everything you might need to know about it: prices, reviews, even nutritional facts and ingredients! You’ll have the access to the selection of the latest discount, deals and special offers for a particular product and will be able to compare prices, read reviews and make purchases right from your phone.

scan life
Android Authority


7. Start your car remotely

With Viper’s SmartStart you can start your car from anywhere – the only thing you need is an Internet connection. The app allows you to perform all the tasks that a remote key can do – lock and unlock the door, start the engine to warm it up in cold months or cool it down in summer, and even to locate and track your vehicle to make sure that it doesn’t exceed the speed limit or leave a designated area – in case someone else is driving.

Viper smart start
Viper smart start


8. Use your smartphone as a metal detector

Whether you’ve dropped a pin in the dark or looking for electrical wires in the walls – your phone can actually serve as a metal detector with Metal Detector app. Your device has magnetic sensor, and the app uses it to measure magnetic field value. Unfortunately, Metal Detector cannot sense gold, silver and coins made of copper – but for sure you will find a practical use of this app!

Metal detector


9. Measure your heart rate

Smartphones are gradually becoming efficient medical gadgets. The app Instant Heart Rate is accurate and incredibly easy. Just place your index finger on the phone’s camera – and in a few seconds the app will scan your blood flow and calculate your pulse rate.

heart rate app


10. Relive your year’s memories

My Year app allows you to turn all the Facebook or Instagram photos from a particular year into a physical photo book – in one easy tap. Collect all the precious moments that have been stocking up on Facebook and Instagram in a beautiful photo book – a unique keepsake to preserve your cherished memories forever. Get My Year App now!

my year app


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