10 Beautiful Cyber Monday Gift Ideas

Cyber Monday

First Monday after Thanksgiving is Cyber Monday! Being another great day to surf on the best deals of Holiday shopping season, Cyber Monday provides you with a relaxed online shopping experience, different than trying to swim in Black Friday crowd from one store another. If you are planning to buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones, Cyber Monday is the perfect day of online deals with discounts and giveaways. You can enjoy PastBook’s Cyber Monday deal with 40% OFF ON ALL BOOKS! Also, you can surprise your friend with The Perfect Gift! On the last day of sale, we decided to help you with 10 beautiful Cyber Monday gift ideas:

1. Electronics

Laptops, tablets, smartphones… During Cyber Monday, you can find great discounts on electronics. So, if you were postponing to buy electronics, Cyber Monday is a good opportunity; however, you might need to do a small research to find out the best deals. You can also think about friends or family members, for instance, the ones who need to change their smartphones, you can definitely surprise them by finding cheaper ones with discounts!


2. Home Gyms

Staying fit is important! For some people, it is quite difficult to go to the gym because of their busy schedule during the day. What you can do is to give them home gyms that they can enjoy even during a short break at home.


3. Small Kitchen Appliances

During Cyber Monday, you can find one of the best deals on small kitchen appliances. If you need appliances such as coffee machines and blenders, best online deals will be on various brands, up to your preference!


4. Furniture

Buying furniture during Cyber Monday is also another great idea, especially if you have friends or relatives who are newly married. You can pick from different types of furniture style to help love birds to design their new houses, and save a lot more money compared to other times of the year.


5. Video Games

Some people are crazy about video games! During Cyber Monday, you have good discounts on video games for PCs, PlayStation, and for many other gaming devices. A small tip: Do some research about what kind of games they like before buying so that they can enjoy the gift!


6. Beauty Products

Beauty products are among the products with best deals during Cyber Monday. If you have friends who are into high-quality beauty products, you can, for sure, find the one that fits them the most.


7. Christmas Jumpers

Yes, we all know that Christmas is also the season of ugly jumpers! You can find thousands of creative Christmas jumpers online with Cyber Monday deals. They can be weird, but, they keep you warm and cozy, and let you spread the Christmas spirit with fun! Keep up the tradition!


8. Insider Club Subscriptions

Early birds get the best deals. You can invite your friends to join an insider’s club because Cyber Monday deals start early and with insider subscriptions, you can have discounts and receive more information about new products.


9. Virtual Reality

As Virtual Reality experience gets more and more people, the deals on Virtual Reality glasses have one of the leading roles on this Cyber Monday. A variety of Virtual Reality glasses of different brands, quality, and use can be purchased for your mobile, console, desktop devices. If you have friends who adore extreme sports, you can give them the indoor opportunity with VR glasses.


10. PastBook Gifts

If you are planning to surprise your friend with The Perfect Gift on Christmas, we want to give you the great gifting tip: PastBook Gift Card and Facebook Friend Book full of the shared moments of you and your friend! You took so many photos – the day you went for that trip, or during your birthdays, graduations, weddings, and any other special occasion that you felt lucky that you have each other… Now, it is time to collect all those great moments, and make your loved ones happy more than ever!

Cyber Monday

You can surprise your friends and family with these 10 beautiful Cyber Monday gift ideas. PastBook’s 40% DISCOUNT ON ALL BOOKS is ready for you to enjoy on the last day of sale! If you’re planning to surprise your friends and family this Christmas, don’t forget to order your books until December 11, so that The Perfect Gift arrives your loved ones on time!

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