10 Adorable and Affordable DIY Ideas for Christmas Decorations


As we left another spooky Halloween behind, we now begin to feel the Christmas spirit everywhere. You might already start seeing shiny trees, huge ornaments, and many other Christmas decorations. Well, having the vibe outside is not enough – home is the heart of Christmas! If you want to fascinate your friends and family during Christmas, decorate your home with these 10 adorable and affordable DIY ideas, and create the Christmas joy with your own style!

1. Santa hats.

Christmas dinner is one of the most important moments of this period. Don’t forget to decorate your dinner table nicely! Coming together with your friends and family, you’ll have the best time while sharing tasty recipes – giving them the best Christmas feeling is the way to enjoy your time better. One thing you can do is to wear your chairs with Santa hats! Santa hats can spread both Christmas and New Year’s feelings out, and make your chairs look adorable!

christmas decorations

2. Handmade stockings.

Stockings are irreplaceable symbols of Christmas. You can enjoy preparing your own stockings! Start with drawing a stocking shape on paper and cut it out to make a template. Trace it and cut out. Stitch the two stocking pieces together, but don’t forget to leave the top open. You can cut out fun shapes from a contrasting colored felt. The rest is up to your creativity! Shape it in the way you find interesting and adhere shapes with craft glue. At the end, you can label your stockings with the name tags.

christmas decorations

3.Candy canes as place cards.

If you want to treat your guests in a special way, we have a sweet tip for you: candy canes as place cards! People love to see their names on the table since it feels more special. Use three pieces of candy canes, bind them together by leaving the curvy place outside and down, and insert the name tag using the curvy part of the candy canes!

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4. Pine cone Christmas tree

Don’t have enough space for Christmas trees? You can use pine cones to create tiny ones. All you need is to color the whole pine cone into green and the edges of each leaf of the pine into white. If you prefer to decorate your little Christmas tree, you can use small ornaments.

christmas decorations

5. Snowy jar

Collect your empty jars! You can design beautiful decoration objects with them. First, remove any kind of material from the glass. And then, find a small rope to wrap up the upper part of the jar. You can smear the jar with glue and cover it with styrofoam. Your jar will look like as if it stayed under the snow. Once your glue dries up, you can add a piece of Christmas ornament on the jar.

christmas decorations

6.Cozy fireplace

The fireplace will be the coziest place to spend your Christmas!
Putting nice ornaments such as stockings, pine cones and candles around your fireplace can completely change the vibe of your sitting room. You can have chestnuts and wine with your loved ones and enjoy the crispy warm feeling!

christmas decorations

7. Deer wreath.

Do you have burlap fabric at home? Then, we have a great tip for you! You can create an amazing deer wreath for your door! Take burlap material and curl up until your prepare the circle of the wreath. Glue back horns and a shiny red ornament to burlap material in order to make the complete deer head. At the end, you can add a red ribbon of any kinds to complete it.

christmas decorations

8. Outdoor vibes.

Don’t forget to let the Christmas spirit light your garden up! If you have hanging baskets, you can fill them with led lights, and wrap some outside. Fill the basket with nice ornaments if you like! If you are lucky enough to have a “White Christmas”, snow will look very pretty on your baskets.

christmas decorations

9. Shiny bottles.

The more you light your place up, the more you’ll get the vibe! You don’t need to spend so much money on already designed lights. You can create your own! Here is the tip: use empty wine bottles! Grab one of your empty wine bottles. Remove any labels from the glass. You can use an adhesive remover to get rid of any adhesive on the bottle. After removing it, use warm soapy water to get rid of the product on the bottle. Apply a piece of duct tape the back of the bottle, right above the base. After protecting your hands and eyes, drill a hole into the glass. Remove the duct tape, and insert led lights into the bottle. Well, your place is ready to shine on! Choose a nice dark corner to put your shiny bottles, create your own luminescence!

christmas decorations

10. Pocket-watch ornaments.

If you have pocket-watches, you can create unique ornaments with old photos of your loved ones. You can simply insert old photos into your pocket-watches and bind them with red ribbons to hang them on your trees – or any other part of your house. Christmas is the time to cherish your memories!

christmas decorations

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